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  • Dr Kazmers was very kind and caring and knows what he is doing. I feel lucky to have such a great surgeon handling my care!
  • Super helpful, willing to answer questions (as a physician should be, helpful in helping me decide which decision to make.
  • He listened to my issues and explained in detailed what the next steps are for my care.
  • Ultimately his assessment was the same as mine: this is as good as my condition will get. Downside risk of additional surgical procedures outweighed the upside potential.
  • Dr. Kazmers, came highly recommended and he did not disappoint me. His assistant (forgive me for not recalling her name) was also very good. Thank them both for me.
  • Best Orthopedic Physician/Surgeon I have ever met! Listened carefully to my concerns and offered solutions that I could understand. Made me feel heard and valued as a patient.
  • I would definitely see Dr. Kazmers for any future problems. Extremely happy with the outcome of my surgery.
  • DR Kazmers was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable and very clear in his explanations. I appreciate his thoroughness and I have great confidence in him.
  • Dr. Kazmers listened to my concerns, explained and provided treatment options, and supported my decision. Surgery was a success and my hand feels great.
  • He was patient and kind. He explained my entire upcoming surgery. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Very concerned for my well being answered all my questions and addressed my concerns
  • Dr Hutchinson is Phenomenal !! Wouldn't go anywhere else, have total confidence in his work
  • Dr Hutchinson is very knowledgable, kind & professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone who might need his services.
  • Dr. Huchinson is the best physician I have ever had
  • Dr. Hutchinson saw me last in 2015, yet still remembered me & my issues. I observed the respect he has not only for his patients, but for all the staff as well. The staff genuinely reciprocated the respect to Dr. H.
  • Dr. Hutchinson was great! He explained the medical issue I'm dealing with in terms that we're very understandable and told me what I should expect from treatment.
  • Dr. Hutchinson is an incredibly talented surgeon. He explains options very well.
  • I recommend him but most times they need immediate treatment
  • I saw Dr. Doug Hutchinson at the request of one of my health care providers for a second opinion on whether I should have surgery on the median nerve in my right wrist to address a possible carpal tunnel syndrome condition. Dr. Hutchinson was very professional but personable and provided me with a candid diagnosis of my condition.
  • Dr. Hutchinson makes you feel like he has time for you as a patient
  • Dr Wang is amazing and her staff are among the most competent and professional group of people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.
  • Fourth time Dr.Wang has done procedures on me. I trust her very much.
  • Dr. Wang is an experienced surgeon and demonstrates this in her manner and communication. She elicits trust in her diagnosis and treatment recommendations. She is willing to answer questions regarding the need for a procedure and other treatment details. She was reassuring about many of my concerns regarding my upcoming procedure.
  • Loved Dr Wang immediately as a professional! I did my homework and she did not disappoint me! I want her as my Doktor! So lucky to live where our health care is excellent!
  • I feel as if she really cares about me and always remembers anything i tell her
  • Dr. Wang did an excellent job of explaining the mechanics of trigger finger and the options for treating it in accessible, non-technical language. She made it clear I could choose the option I was most comfortable with. She took extra time to answer a question that wasn't directly related to the reason for my visit.
  • Dr. Wang is an amazing person. We felt very safe with her and the decisions that were made. She has the patients good in mind.
  • My time was pretty limited with Dr. Wang - but I talked to the three nurses/assistants (other roles) before hand and asked them questions and they asked me a lot. So, by the time it was with Dr. Wang I felt comfortable with my answers.
  • I didn't have too many questions by the time I got my pre-surgery consult. But the few questions I had, Dr. Wang gave quick and proficient responses with exactly what I needed to hear.
  • My granddaughter would have lost her arm if it were not for the excellent skills and practices of Dr. Wang. We owe her a great deal of gratitude
  • Dr Tysen made me feel very comfortable about the procedure I will be having and very confident in his ability.
  • He did an amazing job from start to finish explained, showed me everything he was doing! I feel lucky to have had him perform this procedure! 100% can't wait to see him again for my next procedure!
  • Dr. Tyser was wonderful. He had such great insight on all of the experiences I was having after the surgery and addressed them with great knowledge and understanding and humor. I really appreciated his incredible expertise with this type of surgery.
  • Amazing Doctor - I felt I was in good hands
  • Dr Tyser was personable and efficient. He explained his assessment and treatment recommendation very clearly.
  • Professional Care and Skilled Treatment from the first day of my broken arm to the release. Very good experience
  • I had an outstanding experience! My physician was knowledgeable, professional, kind, thoughtful, attentive and present!
  • Dr. Tyser provided clear explanations in a respectful manner & answered my questions.
  • Tyser was personable, confident and communicative
  • Dr.Tyser is an outstanding surgent. He has a unique quality that makes one feel that you are his most important patient. Listening to all your concerns and alleviating them with his energetic and compassionate personality and his medical knowledge.
  • Dr Garcia is one of the most competent doctors I have ever met. She was thorough in my examination, very professional, and extremely confident that she could help me. I would recommend Dr Garcia to all of my friends and most importantly my family members. I would personally like to thank Dr Garcia for taking the time, and helping me with a problem that many doctors could not diagnose properly.
  • Each staff person that assisted me was great!
  • Dr Garcia and her staff were excellent in the attentiveness and providing informations and answering questions in an easy going and polite manner.
  • Dr Garcia has great bedside manor. She was kind and gentle while assessing my pot-op hand. She explains the plan of care well.
  • I was honestly nervous to go to the clinic. For fear I would be dismissed by my pains I've had in my wrist for 2 years (comes and goes). The fact that Dr. Garcia listened without any judgement in her demeaner, explained the diagnosis and then gave me multiple treatment options just floored me. Sometimes you are so used to being dismissed about pains (especially when they're not consistent) and she was the first person to take it seriously and offer me treatment aside from throwing pills at me. Thank you! It is so empowering to know that not every provider thinks you're crazy. :)
  • Dr was excellent about drawing pictures to explain what my problem was.
  • I was seen by a fellow and by doctor Garcia. Both were very kind, attentive, and helpful
  • She was very knowledgeable of my case. I would recommend her very highly
  • Dr Garcia is one of the most competent doctors I have ever met. She was thorough in my examination, very professional, and extremely confident that she could help me. I would recommend Dr Garcia to all of my friends and most importantly my family members. I would personally like to thank Dr Garcia for taking the time, and helping me with a problem that many doctors could not diagnose properly.
  • Dr. Garcia is wonderful!
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